Feeling Burnt Out? These Tips Will Break ANY Rut.

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“Work-related stress is the factor mentioned most often when talking about burnout and it currently represents about 40% of work-related problems… Stress and mental health problems now account for 40% of long-term disability claims, 35 million lost workdays a year and 40% of turnover.” (Source: www.pipsc.ca).

Are you in a rut? Staring at a blank sheet of paper praying for some inspiration? Do you dread picking up the phone to make cold calls? Is your client base dwindling? These are just some of the signs that it’s time to recharge your batteries and recharge your business…before you become another statistic.

Over the years, I’ve not only had to recharge my own batteries, but those of my co-workers and team. And over the years I’ve learned the simple truth: You simply cannot do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So how can you maintain your sanity, motivate your staff and yourself, without burning out?

It’s so easy to get into a rut when you’re a designer. To get the creative juices flowing I often suggest the following:

–       Disconnect from cyberspace for a day

–       Go to a museum

–       Go to a bookstore and sift through some of the coffee table books on design, artists, etc.

–       Become one with the paper. Visit your local printer and take a look at their paper swatchbooks. Feel the different textures. Look at all the die cuts and folds and ink treatments

Struggling to come up with a catchy subject line or a theme for your next event?

–       Go on twitter and see what’s happening by using different hashtags

–       Attend a Webinar

–       Subscribe to some new newsletters. If they caught your attention they’re doing something right!

–       Go to a tradeshow that’s not in your industry

–       Visit a premium incentives showroom

Sales/Account Management
It’s tough being “on” all the time. You have to deal with demanding clients, and the pressures of hitting your quota. Even a golf game can be stressful if you’re there to close the deal.

–       Go shopping… in a bricks and mortar store. Become the customer and take note of both the good and bad experiences

–       Don’t hang up the next time a telemarketer calls. Listen to their pitch and their close.

–       Join some new LinkedIn groups in your industry and participate in the conversation

–       Go to an amusement park and just be a kid again

–       Brainstorm with your co-workers (the ones NOT in sales!)

Admin/Customer Support
You spend 8 hours (at least) a day making sure everyone has what they need. You transform disgruntled customers into happy ones. What does it take to keep you going strong?

–       Go to a spa (yes, men go too) and get pampered.

–       Visit a restaurant or coffee shop and complicate the simplest order…just to see how they deal with it (and you)

–       Go to the library for some quiet time curled up with a great book

–       Go to a subway and people watch. Learn how they interact with each other. If there’s a busker…stop and listen (or watch). And thank them for their efforts

–       Get a day pass at a gym and try a new class (Zumba® anyone?)

Press Operator
Paper cuts and the drone of the press are constants. The smell of ink is in your blood. How can you recharge?

–       Learn origami (the art of paper folding)

–       Grab a camera or video and start shooting

–       Treat yourself to a manicure! (you read that right)

–       Go for lunch with your paper rep.

Recently I realised a life-long dream and tried the trapeze. I didn’t just hang there… I actually learned some tricks and was caught mid-air! Was it scary? You bet! Did it change my life? Absolutely. Did it re-ignite my spark? 1000%

What have you done recently to boost your batteries? Whether you choose to fly on the trapeze, take a walk on the beach, or simply read a book, take the time to recharge yourself. Your business, and your health, will thank you.

About Joanne Gore

Joanne Gore has nearly twenty years of marketing and communications experience, including corporate and small office environments. She is a talented and creative marketing professional, always positive and able to see the big picture. She possesses the organization/prioritization skills which allow her to manage multiple projects from inception to implementation, meeting deadline demands and budgetary constraints.

A true mentor, Joanne marries her passion for marketing with clear, creative feedback and inspiration. Joanne develops lead generation and conversion programs, re-brands product lines, implements social media strategies, manages PR and media relations campaigns, overhauls websites, develops highly targeted marketing campaigns, and delivers results.

Joanne graduated as a Graphic Designer and, prior to joining the corporate world, worked in the print industry as an art director, typesetter, and printing consultant. Joanne is a marketing geekette by day, a fitness instructor by night, and a mom 24-7.

Email: joanne@joannegore121.com 
Web: www.joannegore121.com

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