Ermm… (Shhh – The ‘Sex’ Is Back In Print)

By Nigel Cliffe

When I hear or see overly exaggerated tones, expletives or statements about almost anything – I am immediately turned off. We are so used to exaggeration of so many types that my psycho-filter tosses them out. So bring on the feed-back from Drupa and what do we get? The word ‘sex’ brought into the world of print!

Now don’t misunderstand me. Our industry has long been the pasty partner to the new world of multi-media for some while now, despite its best efforts to look pretty. Boy do we need the publicity. But sexy all of a sudden?

Well yes, that has just become so – almost overnight. Enter stage right – Nanography.

Drupa 2012 will be known as the Benny Landa show – and not for the first time.  If I recall correctly, it was at IPEX 1993 that I saw a similar take-over by Benny when he launched the Indigo – another occasion when the seats to the Landa show were fully booked-up (fortunately I got one!). We are lucky to have this guy pointing his attentions to our industry for two reasons – he has brought great technology to us but just as importantly, he has brought passion and enthusiasm to us too.

It’s not my role to explain the merits of nanography to you, but I would certainly take the trouble to find out and be able to explain it – if only for when your customers ask, as they surely they will. But I wouldn’t concentrate much on the constitution of the molecular particles of the ink layer – I would concentrate on where it fits into our market. In a sentence – It produces fantastic quality at the sweet spot of a 6,000 copy print run on a B2 sheet of paper. Plain and simple. But what a way to say it! With 4,000 registered visitors to a stand a day going away with the vision and enthusiasm for print as Benny has created is a wonderful achievement.

It leaves me thinking. Isn’t it about time we all sexed-up our offer? Printers have never been great at marketing themselves (yes, I know there are some exceptions…) but when you see it is possible to get this kind of publicity about simply putting ink on paper, you can’t fail but to get the message.

I’ll leave you with one story. A printer in the UK (who shall remain nameless) recently read that videos were the ‘in-thing’. He got his marketing team on the job and produced some well edited videos of material passing through presses and into finishing. It helped his customers and prospects see the clean, efficient environment in which an idea was taken through to a printed piece. Who knows how the connections got made (although I know Social Media was in play! ) but he got a call from Amazon to come and see them…

You don’t need to be Benny Landa to excite your customers and prospects about print – you just need to see your own world through different glasses.

While on the subject of glasses – let’s raise one to Benny!

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