Make no mistake, the vested financial interest in “Go Green, Go Paperless” claims far outweigh any self-proclaimed eco-friendliness. Whether it is to sell digital/cloud products and services, or have you switch to electronic statements to save on printing and postage, dollars are the only green thing here.

stop go green go paperless

Paperless is not the issue. Digital and cloud products and services are not the issue. Electronic statements are not the issue. The issue is IMPLYING that if you DONT follow along, you are KILLING TREES, and if you do, you are SAVING TREES.

When did facts stop mattering?

TREES dont need saving. Per the U.S. Forest Service via Two Sides US

  • In the United States, we grow more trees than we harvest. The amount of U.S. forestland has remained essentially the same for the last 100 years at about 750 million acres, even though the U.S. population tripled during the same period. 

That might seem like a weird argument, but it’s a factual response to a calculated marketing strategy designed to keep the masses thinking they are doing something “good,” by making the use of paper “bad.” And if companies using this strategy to sell products and services, and/or save annually on printing, postage and paper, are allowed to continue to do so, the “paper is bad” context will permeate it’s stink until ALL PRINT IS BAD.

A bunch of awesome people and org’s have contacted me to see how they can help do something to stop GOOGLE’s Go Paperless in 2013 campaign. I don’t think we can stop it, or for the matter it should be stopped. However,  if we have any chance at convincing them to remove the “save trees” part from their marketing promise of “save time, money and trees,” we all have to get on the same page, and quickly.

We need to unify against the “Go Green, Go Paperless” claim, and leave the conversation about print being a viable communication tool out of it. Time and energy spent on the tangents, although valid conversations, takes away from getting together and collectively strategizing to make it stop, once and for all.


Here is my challenge, and it’s two-fold.

First, if you are involved in this conversation on any level and within any channel, be the voice that keeps “Go Green, Go Paperless” as the issue at hand.

Second, look for the “Go Green, Go Paperless” message in your homes, offices, online and out there in your communities. Make a note of who is using it, and how, and please share it on our Community FaceBook Page:

This isn’t just about GOOGLE.

With the help of organizations such as Two-Sides US, we can make a difference now, and forever… but only if we first stand together.


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