We have shared info about edible packaging, and edibles that were turned into packaging, but those were more gimmicky than this latest execution which does in fact seem to solve a huge “waste” issue. 

Fast Food is big business, especially in the US. Over the years we have all experienced a Fast Food packaging shift from styrofoam to cardboard to wax paper wrappers in an effort to address environmental concerns, and position the restaurant chains as “eco-friendly” as well. But I wonder how far Americans are willing to go. Are we ready to have our burger and eat the wrapper too?

The post below states the “taste and texture of the paper might not have complimented the burger,” and since I haven’t tried one I cant comment, but that seems like a bit of an obstacle here in the US. If they can make it taste like ketchup or something that enhances the flavor, I think we might have a winner here!

A marketing campaign for Bob’s fast food chain in Brazil has come up with a way to avoid litter and waste – by making its packaging edible.


Packaging is a necessary part of a lot of food distribution, and yet remains an environmental problem when it ends up contributing to landfills and litter. We’ve already seen projects such as Canada’s Tiffin Project, which provides a small re-usable tin for takeaway customers to put their food in, but now a marketing campaign for Bob’s fast food chain in Brazil has come up with another solution – by making its packaging edible.

Conceived with the help of advertising agency NBS, the restaurant franchise wrapped its burgers in a kind of rice paper that can be eaten along with the burger. Instead of unwrapping the food, customers were able to simply bite into the wrapped product. The idea behind the campaign was to illustrate the irresistibility of the burgers, but – according to the company – there were no wrappers left in the restaurant following the campaign, suggesting the concept could provide an environmentally-friendly solution to litter.

Although the taste and texture of the paper may not have complimented the burger, Bob’s took a step towards combatting the sustainability problem with packaging. Could this campaign be implemented more permanently?

Website: www.bobs.com.br

Contact: www.bobs.com.br/fale-com-a-gente

via At Brazil-based fast food chain, packaging is edible | Springwise.

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