This story is really amazing. It starts with Jia Jiang, a man who set out to overcome his fear of rejection by making one crazy request a day for 100 days and  blogging about his quest. On day three, he walked into a Krispy Kreme in Austin, Texas and asked for what he was sure would be impossible. Instead of being denied as he had hoped, to his amazement, and Im sure yours as well when you watch the video below, Jackie Braun to the best of her ability made the impossible, possible.

There is now a movement to get Jackie a raise, and by the number of hits and comments posted on YouTube she is becoming a cult hero and example of what REAL customer service is. Im sure Jackie will be making the talk show rounds soon and probably be able to buy her own Krispy Kreme franchise if she so chooses in the near future. Was she just doing her job? You tell me.

It’s been a while since I have made the impossible request to my vendors, but I can assure you they are my vendors because they have risen to that challenge every time it has been presented. Like Jackie shows us, it might not be exactly what you asked for, but there is always a way to make something happen!

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