This is Coke’s first US QR Code Promotion and they certainly have gone all out.  They are touching upon in store marketing (QR codes on cups and posters), Social Media Marketing (scan of QR goes to a Facebook game) and of course Relationship Marketing – not only in the area of Coke being part of our lives and at the places we frequent, but also tying into saving the Polar Bears and the WWF.  I dont know how you would go about measuring the ROI on “tens of billions of Coca-Cola cups,” but Im sure we would all agree it would be nice to have that problem.

by Laurie Sullivan

ScanBuy will support QR codes appearing on “tens of billions of Coca-Cola cups” available at 7-Eleven, Subway and other locations. The codes will promote the beverage makers commitment to the “Save the Polar Bears” campaign, Mike Wehrs, ScanBuy CEO and president, told MediaPost.

Wehrs expects the “Polar Bears” effort to experience heavy traffic to landing pages tied to the campaign. “Were expecting at least 500,000 scans, but that could easily double,” he said, noting the campaign will only support scans on Apple devices.

Aside from the cups, the QR codes will appear on posters. The code leads to a landing page on Facebook that allows users to throw snowballs at friends. A recent Taco Bell campaign generated 460,000 scans in three months, of which 7% of the traffic came from people without smartphones, he said.

The back-end data that Coca-Cola gains from mobile QR code scans range from handset type by model and carrier to the frequency of scans by user.

Continues at:  MediaPost Publications QR Codes Promote Cokes Campaign Despite Challenges 11/25/2011.

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