Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull wrote “The simplest things are often the truest.”  That is immediately what came to mind reading this article below. In our current version of the multichannel world, there does seem to be many playing the shell game with their audience playing the role of the pea. Messages are being sent out and then the shell is lifted, hoping that there was an audience there to receive it. If you have ever played or seen the shell game in action, chances of you choosing correctly no matter how carefully you watch, are pretty slim.

It’s not at the base core a bad marketing strategy that is causing the miss, it’s that the audience is constantly moving like the shells and they are surrounded by floods of messaging across the digital channels. Applying that concept to the simple idea presented in the article below – if 10 hands are waving on the left, to be noticed, be the 1 waving on the right. So, if everyone else has cut their DM spending, resurrect yours and be one of a few pieces in your customer’s mailbox.  Simple.


Direct Mails Lazarus Act by 

Dont sleep on direct mail. That was my surprising takeaway from last weeks Direct Marketing Association 2011 Conference & Exhibition. I heard from two industry experts on Wednesday that overflowing inboxes plus flooded Facebook and Twitter feeds has created a direct marketing opportunity out of increasingly empty mailboxes.

Lisa Henrikson, VP of retention and customer experience at 1-800-Flowers, said that the florist had shrunk its direct-mail program over the years but is beginning to revisit the channel after noticing the lack of competition for consumers attention. Not an hour after I heard that from Henrikson did I sit down with Dan Smith, SVP of marketing at email and database marketing firm Clicksquared, who damn-near quoted Henrikson.

Continues at:  Direct mails Lazarus act – Direct Marketing News.

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