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MUNICH, SAN FRANCISCO, September 27th, 2011: With more than 450 attendees, metaio’s annual insideAR has become the world’s largest Augmented Reality get-together with many high profile international speakers. During the conference metaio made three major announcements that strengthen its lead and position in the mobile Augmented Reality market. The first is great news for AR developers, as metaio will soon release a free version of its Mobile SDK to bring latest AR features to a broad developer community. Secondly, an easy to use AR-publishing tool called “junaio Creator” to enable virtually anybody to create AR content for junaio, metaio’s popular AR browser. This will be of particular interest for publishers and marketers who have been increasingly drawn to Augmented Reality implementations. Finally, strategic partnerships with the leading chipset IP supplier ARM and mobile platform developer ST-Ericsson on joint R&D. “We are not the only ones who see Augmented Reality as a key enabling technology in the growing mobile computing market”, says Thomas Alt, CEO of metaio. “We predict AR to become a common feature on every smartphone and tablet. Of course we are pleased that our solutions have emerged as benchmarks for advanced technology and excellence in our industry, used by developers worldwide.”

Press Release continues at:  metaio | By 2014: Augmented Reality will be on every Smartphone | Augmented Reality 3D.

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