In June of this year, PMC put a call out to all service providers under the banner “PMC Wants to Promote You.” We had some great responses; Jeff Sierra from Budco was our July spotlight and moving into August we come to GMC Software Technology represented here by Scott Baker.

DC: Who is Scott Baker and what does he do?

SB: Scott Baker is Vice President of Worldwide Channels at GMC Software Technology and has spent over 20 years in business development, strategic alliance and partner management within the enterprise output management, ECM and business intelligence software markets. Mr. Baker is responsible for developing and managing GMC Software’s global and strategic channels. He has presented at numerous industry events, including Gartner Summit, Xplor, On Demand/AIIM, PODi and Graphics of Americas.

DC: Please provide an overview of products and services offered by GMC Software Technology.

SB: GMC Software Technology delivers the most effective solutions and unrivalled experience in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM). As the acknowledged benchmark in the industry, GMC enables print service providers and enterprises to increase engagement at every customer touch point, driving loyalty, customer acquisition and operational efficiency. The company’s CCM platform, GMC Inspire™, is designed to empower business users to continuously engage customers with relevant communications, at the right time, across digital and print channels.

DC: How can Print Providers incorporate these products and services?

SB: GMC’s products and solutions enable print service provider to transform themselves into cross-media and marketing providers. With this transformation, print service providers can expand the scope of product and service offerings, better position themselves in the markets they serve and pursue new ones. As a result, service provide can expand their revenue base, often at a much higher profit margin. Some of the additional products and services include:

  • Database-related services
  • Highly personalized direct mail
  • TransPromo documents and customer correspondence
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns across print, email and mobile device
  • Response tracking and measurement
  • Web-enabled storefronts

DC: What is the benefit of these technologies and do you have any data or case study examples to share?

SB: ColorWeb a print service provider, recently launched a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to highlight their new capabilities from their investment in GMC Software Technology and Xerox. The case study, “GMC Software Builds Multichannel Campaign to Launch New Color Web Digital Printing Business in under Sixty Days, details ColorWeb’s success.

DC: Including Social Media, how can Print Providers connect with and contact GMC?

Visit and


Twitter: @gmc_net


DC: Lastly, if you were to give the commencement speech at Bloomington University, what would your message be regarding the future of Print Technology?

SB: To paraphrase Mark Twain, “The report of print’s death was an exaggeration. ”Clearly, with all of the electronic channels available to organizations by which they can communicate with their stakeholders and customers, both the volume of printed pages, and what content will be delivered via print will continue to change dramatically.

Certainly, the cost of delivering full color documents will continue to fall, and the manufacturers of printing devices and software will continue to develop and market presses and programs that deliver print faster with higher quality imaging at lower cost per page.

However, print is but one channel in a multi-channel delivery mix, and it is up to the organizations delivering targeted messaging to their audiences to understand and respect the preferences of the recipients regarding delivery channel, timing and frequency.  As long as consumers want to receive printed documents (and as long as regulatory agencies continue to require that certain types of documents be delivered in print), those organizations that print and their suppliers will have the opportunity to thrive – if they can demonstrate real value in facilitating continuous engagement between organizations and their customers.

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