One of the best things about having a website like PMC, or running my Print Production Professionals group on LinkedIn is that I am able to network with people from all over the world and share information as well as receive it. To that point, the other day I received an email from Rurik Nyström Founder & Creative Director redBANG International who spotted a great use for QR codes on a recent trip and sent it along to me to pass along to you.

Rurik wrote: “On my recent visit to Stockholm Sweden I passed by NK a famous Swedish Department store. I noticed that the  store had placed QR codes in Swedish and English on the department store windows. Curious as I am I picked up my iphone and scanned one of the codes, to my surprise the code generated a voice (Sound file) describing what I saw in the window. I thought that this was a very novel use of QR codes. I would love to find a webpage that allows one to upload a sound file and then that can generate a QR code. Grateful for any tips”

So, if anyone has info to share back with Rurik, or your company offers this capability please leave a comment here or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and I will pass it along, or visit redBANG International and send a message through their contact page.

My thought on this QR application is it’s actually a great use for “instruction” inserts and on packaging!  I would so much rather scan a code and have a player open that TELLS me how to put together an IKEA desk (maybe combined with a video to also SHOW me) vs figuring out how A goes into G and always having four screws left over that should have been used!

Even if it’s just me who is “assembly-required” challenged, I think the use of QR in this way has legs, and thanks again Rurik for taking the time to share it with us!

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