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If you are wondering whether you should start using QR Codes, consider the following.

What additional information do you want to give people? i.e., if it’s a URL, it could be your website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter page. Or, do you want to provide more explanation about a product (if using on a product label). Whatever the content, make sure it’s something your audience would find engaging and valuable.

Is the site to which you are sending people “mobilized?” i.e., can it be viewed on a mobile phone?

Make sure all your really important information is not being replaced with a QR Code. Most of your audience will probably ignore the QR Code or may not have a smart phone handy.

Use URL shorteners if you are deep-linking your QR Code to a website sub-page. The longer the URL, the more complex the QR Code box. The more complex the QR Code box, the less ability you have to size it down to fit on a business card.

Do not post your QR Code in a place where there is no Internet access, like a in a subway.

Do not post your QR Code where no one will be able to scan it. For example, on a race car.

Do not link your QR Code to time-sensitive materials.

Click here for a list of 50 creative uses for QR Codes.

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