Over the last few years blogging has become a recognized marketing tool as a component of a social media strategy.  While businesses used to scratch their head as to why they should be fiddling with something that was originally created for individuals, B2B marketing professionals should now realize that a blog can and should play a central role in their content marketing efforts as well as provide the foundation for their social media engagement.

B2B blogs are not only showing up within the websites of more companies, they are providing real and measurable success for those that are doing it well.  When done right, B2B blogs offer high value for a relatively low investment compared to other types of marketing activities like traditional advertising.

What are the common factors in a successful B2B blog?  A look at these three B2B Blog Marketing Case Studies will show that these companies all have the following two characteristics in common:

Take a Strategic Approach to Blogs – A social media strategy begins with research to understand how and where your target customers use social media and consume information.  You can’t just start a blog and expect results.  A long-term perspective on social media strategy combined with the proper research created a blueprint which allowed these companies to plan out an effective blogging strategy customized for their audience and brand.

Become an Industry Resource – Blogging shouldn’t be about you – it’s about them, your target customers!  Become the industry magnet by blogging about topics that would interest them.  As more decision makers search for information on the Internet, your blog posts can now be discoverable on a much greater and even global scale.  Over time you will become their trusted resource for information, which will naturally lead to more business.

See the case studies at:  3 Case Studies of a Successful B2B Blog | Social Media Marketing.

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