Sharpie: awakening the graffiti artist in all of us

Sharpie is a company that makes marker pens. And this interactive advert is a great example of how (potential) customers can really be encouraged to engage with a brand.

The interactive e-cast billboard allows the public to leave messages on the plaster-cast image. But real graffiti is bad, as this next advert reminds us…

TransPerth: deterring the graffiti artist in all of us

Western Australia transport authority, TransPerth, created a nice little bit of buzz with this advert. Graffiti is bad – do it, and you’ll go to jail.

Nivea: goodbye cellulite…

For Miami Fashion Week, Nivea tapped into the vanity in all of us, by fashioning ‘Goodbye Cellulite’ sofas to celebrate a swimwear designer’s new collection. The sofas got people talking…something all good guerrilla campaigns should achieve.

NZTV: Marie Antoinette

Everyone knows Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine, don’t they? Certainly most people do, which is why this advert for a new programme on Channel One New Zealand works.

It also lends itself to people posing on the other side of the glass with their own head where Mary Antoinette’s should be, which will help spread the good word by photo across the social sphere.

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