Mobile marketing—and by extension, QR Codes—is so appealing to marketers because it promises to find consumers wherever they are and to be available wherever consumers look.

Mobile is not its own medium so much as it’s an adjunct to almost every other channel. A mobile device is another computer for consumers, only better because it’s always with them and always on. It’s a terrific way for marketers to communicate and it’s an easy way for consumers to respond to direct marketing.

Years ago, direct marketers were particular about the response channel consumers used because that was how they were able to measure results. If you wanted consumers to call a particular 800 number, you’d be disappointed if they decided to shop at a retail store instead. You wanted to capture that person’s data in order to measure response. Budgets were often segmented by media, and direct marketers didn’t get credit for responses that came through other channels.

Now, especially with ubiquitous mobile devices, more media are more measurable, and marketers can count—and celebrate—almost any type of responder. Best of all, you can provide whatever kind of experience a consumer wants—online or offline—wherever that consumer happens to be. The sooner marketers remove those barriers to response, the better and more competitive they will be.

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