Social media is a buzz word for all web tools that enable user interaction and networking. These include Twitter, Facebook, blogs and multimedia sharing. A social media strategy, when executed properly, can help companies stay relevant, create brand associations and conversations, interact with customers, and reach previously untapped, prospective customers.

A downside of social media is that it’s hard to measure marketing efforts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the conversation.  Whether you’re on social networks or not, consumers are already talking about your brand; it’s important to moderate and play an active role in those discussions.

For this reason, social media is making its way into more and more marketing plans. But since it’s a relatively new concept, many companies are still experimenting with it.  Don’t let the unknown factor deter you from diving in though.  Even at this early stage, you need to set your company up in the right direction and start participating.

Companies that are already well established may find their different departments, such as IT, digital, and sales, currently compete with one another instead of work together. A good social media strategy will effectively harmonize the disparate departments, increasing the overall productivity of the company.

Continues at:  3 Rules to Follow When Devising Your Social Media Strategy : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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