The frequently used email tag line “Think Before You Print “created as an environmental friendly reminder is now the target of a new campaign, Paper – paper for every day. The industry wide campaign, supported by the Australasian Paper Industry Association has turned its attention to “damaging” email footers that suggest printing is more harmful than emails.

“Slogans at the bottom of an email like ‘think before you print’ or worse, the totally incorrect ’save trees and email this’ imply there is something wrong with using paper, especially when compared to using email,”  according to Tim Woods of the paper – part of every day life campaign. “But the evidence is clear. Only paper-based communications are made from a renewable resource, are recyclable and reusable. We should print and share emails we receive and not just continually email them around. Every time you do that, you use more and more energy and little of that is renewable,”

“We all support resource conservation, so we should support print on paper as the only truly sustainable communications media. We must avoid falling into the trap of assuming that because electronic communications are new, they are more sustainable. That just is not true.”

Woods’ advice is for companies to rethink their email footers. “We should all have email footers that say things like: ‘Print and share this email to ensure the paper industry grows more trees’”.

via Please print this blog post to ensure the paper industry grows more trees | Transpromo-Live.

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