Odds are you have seen the square shaped, funkier, hipper, cousin of the barcode — the QR Code. Quick Response codes are finally making a splash in the US market this year. Scan the codes with your smartphone to get a coupon, find information, locate a phone number, watch a movie, or whatever else mobile marketers have dreamt up. Marketers love the QR code since it can be where the consumer is and, better yet, be fully tracked with analytics.

For all of the greatness that QR codes posses, there are obvious weaknesses. Beyond needing a smartphone, which instantly eliminates 63% of today’s mobile market according to Nielson, QR codes do not speak to you. The conversation, whatever information is behind the curtain, has to be requested by the consumer. Although this style of permissions based marketing cuts out the bullhorns of broadcast media, QR codes are still blind to the consumers existence unless called to action. For this reason, QR codes will be merely a transitional technology, albeit with a long shelf life to go.

See full article at:  Future of Print: Goodbye QR Codes, I barely knew ya – m-Bossed.

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