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I have gathered a diversified bunch of print and print media enthusiasts who help me bring relevant and topical information and resources to the Print and Integrated Marketing Service community. Collectively, there is not much in Print and Integrated Marketing we haven’t done and are still doing. Being in the trenches with our audience enables us to provide a current perspective on the industry, engage from personal knowledge and experience, and keep our sense of humors in the mix!

If you would like to lend your voice and share your expertise with our community, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me to discuss!

Here is a little information about me and the PMC contributors… 


Deborah Corn is Principal, Chief Blogger, and Intergalactic Ambassador to The PrinterverseTM for PMC. She is also the host of #PrintChat, the founder and cultivator of Print Production Professionals, the largest print group on LinkedIn, and founder of International Print Day. She has more than 25 years experience working in advertising and marketing, and works behind the scenes with printers helping them to form meaningful relationships with customers, and industry suppliers and organizations helping them achieve success with their cross media and social media marketing endeavors. Deborah is a noted Print BuyerologistTM and is frequently invited to speak and present topical sessions at industry events about connecting and engaging with print customers. She also adds her voice to Printing Impressions and guest blogs for industry resources when time permits.

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Sandy Hubbard  is a monthly contributor to Print Media Centr’s News From The Printerverse, and the moderator of Print Media Centr’s #PrintChat on Twitter, assisting host Deborah Corn. Sandy is an independent consultant and marketing strategist for print and media companies and the vendors who serve them. Specialties include email marketing, email-to-print, event strategy, social media, social sales coaching and content marketing. She formerly was editor and publisher of a monthly magazine for the printing industry while serving as executive director of a non-profit graphics technology education center and virtual training consortium. She is continuing the family tradition of publishing, which started with her great-grandfather.

Contact Sandy at helpprintthrive@gmail.com  and follow her on Twitter: @sandyhubbard

Joanne Gore is the Director of Marketing for Avanti and a monthly contributor to PrintMediaCentr’s News From The Printerverse. She has over two decades of B2B marketing and communications experience, including corporate and small office environments. Joanne develops lead generation and conversion programs, re-brands product lines, implements social media strategies, manages PR and media relations campaigns, overhauls websites, develops highly targeted marketing campaigns, and delivers results. Joanne is an industry presenter, currently sits on the board of Xplor International, is the vice-president of Xplor Canada, and is a returning mentor for the Ontario Summer Company, a Government initiative for youth entrepreneurship & employment. She graduated as a Graphic Designer and, prior to joining the corporate world, worked in the print industry as an art director, typesetter, and printing consultant. Joanne is a marketing geekette by day, a fitness instructor by night, and a mom 24-7.

Contact Joanne at jgore@avantisystems.com and follow her on Twitter: @JoanneGore121

Jennifer Grace is a freelance marketer who helps companies achieve results through strategic business development, content creation, and social media marketing. She is a writer, photographer, and lover of print. Her extensive experience in print sales and marketing helps printers authentically connect with their customers, prospects, and millennials. Jen is a contributor to Print Media Centr’s News From The Printerverse, and a regular at #PrintChat Wednesday’s at 4PM ET on Twitter.

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Chloe Mahendra-Fuji practices the fine arts of design critique, content creation and editing, and communication consulting. She has decades of experience working in online content delivery, print delivery, and content development, and is a contributor to Print Media Centr’s News From The Printerverse

Connect with Chloe: Twitter @ChloePrintDiva  | ChloePrintDiva@gmail.com

Kelly Mallozzi will contribute to the PMC as often as her life and four small children will allow, which will be at least once a year. As a sales and marketing coach and consultant at Success In Print, Kelly advocates for graphic arts companies to start a revolution and fight to keep print relevant. She may be irreverent, but what she lacks in convention, she makes up for in smart-assery.

Connect With Kelly: Twitter @SuccessInPrint and check out her weekly blog on Printing Impressions.

Andy Solages connects people and organizations with technologies to improve professional experiences and business results. Currently, Andy helps print buyers create cost savings, reports, transparency, compliance, and improved workflows with eLynxx, cloud software purpose-built for print procurement and production. Andy is also a monthly contributor to Print Media Centr’s News from The Printerverse and a regular participant in #PrintChat on Twitter.

Treat yourself to more Andy: Twitter LinkedIn | andysolages.com | email: andy.solages@elynxx.com 

Roberto Blake  is a Graphic Designer who runs his own one man Design Studio, focusing on Brand Development and Advertising. Roberto has experience in design for print, web and multimedia and has worked on out of home campaigns including billboards featured in Times Square. He is a contributor to Print Media Centr’s News From The Printerverse, and a frequent participant in #PrintChat on Twitter. He is also a contributor for publications such as Print Magazine and How Design and has had work featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Roberto is extremely active in social media, producing multiple YouTube videos each week to assist designers and other creative professionals through advice and tutorials.

Connect with Roberto: www.robertoblake.com | Twitter: @robertoblake | rblake@robertoblake.com

Jonathan Malone-McGrew grew up around printing, software and cars. As an accredited Electronic Document Professional (EDP) through Xplor International, Jonathan has worked within the industry for nearly a decade providing direction and expertise in Marketing customer communications for transactional, commercial and specialty print, as well as, multichannel delivery through the latest technology vehicles. Jonathan currently works with Pitney Bowes in their Customer Engagement Solutions group.

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Christine Alexander is self-confessed ink-sniffer, an independent marketing consultant for companies within the graphic arts industry, and a contributor to PrintMediaCentr’s News From The Printerverse. Her specialties include graphic design, content marketing, community building, event planning and strategy development across a wide array of media. With nearly a decade of experience in commercial printing, Christine has held roles in prepress management, marketing direction, print sales, and operations management.

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