[Infographic] Printing, Computers, Social Media And The History Of Sales Technology

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Sales EvolutionWhile print certainly is the reigning champion of technology, and yes, print is a technology, it’s nice to give a little love to our digital friends who have added much value to our professional lives. A few stats Lattice sites worth noting (although they didn’t include references):

43% of companies have acquired a customer through Facebook
44% of companies have acquired a customer through Twitter
65% of companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn

The History of Sales Technology

By Lattice Engines 

Sales professionals have always had the opportunity to work with different tools, techniques and processes to help them become better, smarter sellers. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the major technologies that have left a mark on the sales pro – from salesforce.com to Marketo to Eloqua to Webex to social media to predictive analytics, Big Data and beyond.


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