Making the most of local search marketing: A guide for local businesses

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Local search marketing is an affordable and effective advertising tool for local businesses to attract new customers. About 70% of households use the Internet to find local products and services either using their computer or their mobile device.

According to Google Inside Adwords, Google’s official blog for news, information and tips on AdWords, one in three mobile search inquires are made by people who are looking for something in their local area.

The first step in building your business’s online presence is to claim it on the local business listings sections of the major search engines. These sections allow you to list your local business for free. Local business listings (LBLs) are available through Google Places, Yahoo Local and Local Listing Center on Bing. Be sure to follow the business listing quality guidelines on each site.

To optimize your LBLs, make sure to do the following: Spend time on your business description; keep your business branding consistent; collect customer testimonials, ratings and reviews; and include photos, logos and videos where applicable.

See full article at: Making the most of local search marketing: A guide for local businesses – DMNews.

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